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Klask Association & WKF

The USKA is your ONLY source for competitive, organized, and professional KLASK sport and play.


The USKA is one of the 11+ recognized and represented World KLASK Federation (WKF) Countries. Both the USKA and WKF are the recognized governering bodies of KLASK with the only Official competition rules, structure, rankings, and World Championship.


The USKA is the direct link for official rules, tournaments, and is the only way for United States citizens to climb competitive KLASK Ladder to the theĀ  Championship.


The USKA is your best KLASK resource and provides exceptional support for anyone interested in hosting a KLASK event. USKA can help you design and create custom tailored unique experiences for your group, business, community, or organization. These events generate HUGE buzz with very little investment and can even be used as great promotional or team building activities too!

**Plus if you sanction your event you can send your top 8 participants to the United States National Championship!


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