Kevin Reder a.k.a Kevin, just Kevin First Inaugural and Reigning World Champ

What is Klask

KLASK is simple.

KLASK is fun.

KLASK is an exciting, fast action, Danish game. That with its four basic rules takes 15 seconds to learn and less than five minutes to play.


…and for years that is all that “KLASK” ever was or would be. Until two guys met online, fell in love (with the game, not each other). To then nurture and develop the young game into the mature “Klask” the Sport and Sports Community that it is today.


So “Klask” is the name for the competitive, tabletop, action Sport and Sports Community. Governed by an International Body (World Klask Federation) responsible for the only Official:

  • Klask World Championships
  • Klask World Ranking System
  • Klask Book of World Records
  • Klask Sport & Competition Rulebook


Where “KLASK” is the simple yet addicting game invented by Danish Carpenter, Mikkel Bertelson you buy at the store and is the name of one manufacturer for Klask Sports Equipment.


All things grow and evolve, just as Hockey was once only a game without a name in Nova Scotia. It takes a small group of passionate individuals to come together and unite the rest of the world in competition and Sport for all to enjoy.




Two players battle one another on a wooden board attempting to be the first to score 6 points. Players place one hand underneath the board and grasp the steering magnet that controls their striker on the playing surface.


Players maneuver their striker around the board attempting to score points on their opponent while avoiding the white “Biscuit” magnets that will affix to the striker if it gets close enough. Points are scored in four ways:

  • Scoring a goal = point for you
  • Collecting two Biscuit magnets = point for the opponent
  • Complete loss of control of their striker = point for the opponent
  • Falling into goal (KLASK) = point for the opponent


Klask takes 15 seconds to learn and 5 minutes or less to play one round.


WHERE DID IT START – Birth of a Sport


Here is a brief history of events that transpired leading to the birth of the Sport and a Federation to oversee it.


Late December 2013, kind-hearted, Danish carpenter Mikkel Bertelson pioneered the concept of his game KLASK in his humble Danish workshop out of a desire to amuse his two children and create something simple and fun for others to enjoy. After the holidays Mikkel went forth in true red-headed, Scandinavian, Viking fashion to constructing the first 3,000 KLASK games by hand out of his garage.


Soon after, a Finnish Publishing company with humble family beginnings heard of KLASK and helped take his game to the mass markets.


In August of 2016, Kevin “just Kevin” Reder and his then-girlfriend Kayla was convinced by their good friend Neil to attend their first-ever Gen Con Event. It was there that Kevin first ever heard of or laid eyes on KLASK. Having never played before Kevin took second place at the Gen Con Event and went on to tour select parts of the world with the Publishing Company over the next year. It was on these travels that Kevin met the many Klask players/enthusiasts around the world and saw the need for an organized Sport.


In September 2017 Kevin went on to win the first World KLASK game Championship in Copenhagen, Denmark and propose to his now fiancé Kayla live in front of the Klask community he loves.


Soon after, Kevin met Daniel Lilley, and together they went forth in true red-headed, Scandinavian, Viking fashion to bring you Klask the Sport and create the World Klask Federation after many failed attempts to partner and work with the Publishers of KLASK the game to unite Klask players around the world under one banner.


The WKF was founded November 2017 in response to player’s demands for a Sport and Sports Community. The WKF is the sole authority and only official governing body for the Sport of Klask, with the only clearly defined set of Official Kalsk Sport & Competition rules and the proper structure to support a global community. The WKF currently represents 12 recognized nations, on two continents and is responsible for the Klask World Championships, Klask World Ranking System, and Klask Book of World Records


Kevin and Danny dreamt to make a gameplay, into a Sport you love! Uniting Klask players and Nations around the world.

Mikkel Bertelsen aka Klask Daddy