Kevin Reder a.k.a Kevin, just Kevin First Inaugural and Reigning World Champ

What is Klask

KLASK  started out as just a magnetic tabletop game similar to air hockey.


With the help of the WKF ( and its National Associations, KLASK has become an actual SPORT with an annual National and World Championship events recognized in over 11 countries and counting!


KLASK is easy to learn, fast to play, and exciting to watch!


How it works:


Two players battle one another on a wooden board attempting to be the first to score 6 points. Players place one hand underneath the board and grasp the magnet that controls their striker on the playing surface.


Players maneuver their striker around the board attempting to score points on their opponent while avoiding the white “Biscuit” magnets that will affix to the striker if it gets close enough. Points are scored in four ways:

  • Scoring a goal = point for you
  • Collecting two Biscuit magnets = point for the opponent
  • Complete loss of control of their striker = point for the opponent
  • Falling into goal (KLASK) = point for opponent


KLASK take 15 seconds to learn and 5 minutes or less to play one round.




Late December 2013,  Danish carpenter Mikkel Bertelsen made something truly unique in his workshop– a competitive wooden board game with magnets!


Mikkel has always had plenty of ideas for innovations of all sorts, but there was something different about Klask. Just in time for the holidays, he made a few copies of the game as Christmas presents for friends and family. Soon the word spread through the country and orders from individuals, as well as cafés, bars, and even work offices, started to pour in.


The following year Mikkel built more than 3000 copies of the game in his garage. Featured on national TV, winner of Danish Game of the Year, Klask has been a smash success ever since and now!

Mikkel Bertelsen aka Klask Daddy